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CHNSMART Home System Topology 2017/9/7

Smart home system functions, light/appliance/curtain control, smart security and monitor, background music, time/scene/linkage control etc.

CCTV finance channel visited CHNSMART showroom 2017/1/10

Smart home industry is one of very important thing in future information industry. In the future years, it will be billions of dolloars in the market. Chinese central television finance channel visisted our showroom in start of 2017.

3rd generation Home Automation System 2017/1/3

In new year, CHNSMART released new generation home automation system. It adopts FSK two-way transmission, RF wireless technology, TCP/IP etc. protocol, uses App to control everything at home through cloud server.

2016 Chinese New Year holiday 2016/1/30

2016 Chinese New Year holiday will start from Feb. 1st to 14th.

Won 2010 the most influential brand in electrical & lighting industry 2011/1/12

20:00 Jan. 8th, 2010 -- [The 5th China lighting industry awards] is held in Xiaolan gymnasium Zhongshan, which was organized by [China lighting newspaper]

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