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3rd generation Home Automation System

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In new year, CHNSMART released new generation home automation system. It adopts FSK two-way transmission, RF wireless technology, TCP/IP etc. protocol, uses App to control everything at home through cloud server. The main function are:

1. Smart Lighting Control

1.1 Lighing control

To control the light by manual, remote controller, pad, smart phone, clock etc. single on/off, all on/off, or scene control.

1.2 LED dimming

Working with dimmable LED lamp, to adjust the brightness and make memory in different scene. When you lauch one scene, it turns the lamp to the brightness automatically.

1.3 RGB LED control

Set 16 million colors to the RGB LED lamp, and make it memory in scene control.

2. Smart Curtain Control

To control the curtain by manual, remote controller, pad, smart phone, clock etc. Open/close/stop or scene control.

3. Smart Appliances Control

3.1 Smart socket ON/OFF

Use smart socket to control the device ON/OFF.

3.2 RF to IR converter

Use RF to IR converter to control the device function, for example air conditioner, TV, projector and so on.

4. Remote Monitor

4.1 Remote monitor

Remote monitor the real-time suitation at home by smart phone or pad.

4.2 Video phone

Make video phone with camera by smart phone.

5. Smart Security

5.1 Alarm

Binding the PIR, door contactor sensor gas sensor, smoke sensor etc. to the camera, when there is alarm, it will push the information to the smart phone.

5.2 Sensor control

The sensors are not only used for alarm, but also for logical judgement and control the devices automatically, for example:

1)   PIR: after sleep, lauch the infrared detecting function, when you get up at night, it will detect you and open the ligth for you.

2)   Fingerprint scene: when you open the door by fingerprint correctly, it will lauch the "Back home" scene, but if by force, it will alarm aotumatically in background.

3)   Gas sensor: when the gas is leaked, it will alarm and turn off the gas valve, and more open the window for ventilation.

4)   Water sensor: when the water is flooded, it will alarm and trun off the water valve.

5)   Weather sensor: when heavy wind or rainy, it will close the window automatically.


6. Music

6.1 Music player

The gateway has music player built-in with audio output. And there is TF card inside for storing the favorite songs.

6.2 Scene songs

Each setting scene can be linked for different song, like soft music for back hom; high music for party……

6.3 Airplay/DLAN/Qplay wireless music play

You also can play the music in your smart phone through wireless.

7. Home Theater

Press one scene button to open projector, screen, DVD, amplifier etc by using smart socket, curtain controller, RF to IR converter and so on.

8. Smart Lock

8.1 compatiable to common smart lock

Compatiable with common smart lock, like password, fingerprint, card unlock.

8.2 Upgrade smart function

Upgraded unlock by remote controller, app or clock. When there is close friend visiting, open the door for him/her remotely.

8.3 Fingerprint scene

Different fingerprint unlock to lauch different scene, for example, index finger for normal unlock the door; middle finger for force unlock.

9. Remote Control

9.1 Hand-held remote controller

For old people, they like use the simple remote controller to operate.

9.2 Scene control panel

Beside the door or bed, install fixed scene remote controller panle. For example, when you get back home, lauch the "back home" scene, then the light turns on, curtain opens, air conditioner open, music plays the favorite song.

10. Scene Control

10.1 Scene control panel

10.2 App scene control

10.3 Sensor scene control

11. Time Control

In the app, set different alarm clock to lauch different scene. For example, 7:00AM to lauch "geting up" scene automatiically.

12. Window Control

Use the windows controller to open or close the window, then you can control it by hand, by remote controller, by app, by sensor etc. For example, when you get in office to find the weather gets worse, then close the window by app ...

13. Valve Control

Control watch or gas valve by hand, by app or by sensor etc.

14. Cloth Drying Rack Control

Control the cloth drying rack by hand, by app or by sensor etc.

15. Building Intercom

Connecting building intercom to make the intelligent comunity.



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